Fashion Blogger Program

Lixmee loves to work with Fashion Blogger and respects the value of Fashion Bloggers

Get Lixmee clothings absolutely for FREE
Why not drop us an email at and You may get free clothings that worth US$40 to US$300 each month.


We expect our Fashion Blogger

to have over 1000 followers on your blog

to have over 5000 followers on one of your social account (FB,TWEETER, INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST, ETC)

to have your comments on your blog about our clothing

to try on the clothing and take photo within 7 to 15 days after receiving the items and publish on your site. (please add the link to the product you showing off)


Few notes:

Lixmee reserves the right to use the information of your post. 

We might collect your post and related comments to publish on our website or social network, if you do not wish to share, please email us to inform. 

When we say Absolutely Free, it is absolutely free, we will cover shipping fees as well, but import duties varies in different countries, we are not liable for the the import tax, though we will put lower value. for most countries, it would not be an issue. so this remind is just in case.