Q & A

  • How long does it take to process the order? 

It normally takes about 3-5 working day for us to the order prepared for dispatch, as we offer customized offer which might takes longer. once the order is dispatched, you can check our shipping timetable to estimate the arriving time. 


  • Can I track my order?

Yes, all dispatched orders come with tracking number, so you are always kept updated with the latest status of your order. You can go to our shipping page to found out how to track your order in details. 


  • What if I got a faulty item?

We guarantee the quality of our merchandise, and if you got a faulty item, you are not happy, then we are not happy, so don't worry about it, we will return, exchange or refund for you. here is more about our Returns & Exchanges policy


  • Can I change the shipping address after I place my order?

We advise our dear customers to ensure the correct shipping address, as incomplete, wrong, mis-spelling address could lead to items undelivered. You are able to change/correct the shipping address after placing an order, however, we could only do that if the items are NOT dispatched to the logistic company.


  • I tracked my items and it shows the items are being returned, why is that happening?

This happens when shipping address are not complete or correct, we advise our customer to double check the shipping address. In case this happens, please try to call your local post office to see if they could stop the item from being returned and re-arrange the delivery. if they have returned the items, We will not be reliable for any shipping cost of returned items and our customer is responsible for any shipping cost occurred for shipping again.


  • I have been waiting so long (Longer than the estimated shipping time on your shipping info page) after you shipped my items, what to do next?

This happens for two main reasons, 1, incorrect address, 2, loss of the parcel during the shipping. All of the items we ship are insured. if the parcel is lost, we will either send you a new one or refund the money to you. however,we will only take responsibility for reason No.2. and we are not Liable for items loss or undelivered due to incorrect address.